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Chart air quality data

    Air quality data is available from 1 January 2016. Individual stations have been monitoring for different time periods so data may not be available for all possible times.
    Memorial Park station began monitoring air quality on 1 July 2009.

Xylene at Memorial Park, Thursday 30 May 2024 about Xylene

Memorial Park station overview

The guideline for Xylene is 250ppb (24hr avg).

None of the data is validated (0% validated, 0/24 records)

No wind direction data available to create wind rose charts.

About Xylene

Burning organic matter, such as wood, coal and petroleum products generates xylene, and it also occurs naturally in crude oil. Motor vehicle emissions are the predominant source of xylene in the urban air environment.

The guideline for Xylene is 250ppb (24hr avg).

Xylene is measured in parts per billion.

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27 February 2023