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Report unsolicited advertising material (UAM)

Complete this form to report incidents of unlawful delivery of UAM (junk mail) in Queensland.

If UAM has not been delivered securely into your mailbox (or similar receptacle for mail or newspapers), you can also use this form to report your concerns.

  1. Your details
    1. Name
    2. Street address
  2. Incident location
    1. Address where UAM was delivered
    2. Your connection to the property *
    3. Was the advertising material delivered to the property’s mailbox? *
    4. Do you have a sign affixed to the mailbox requesting no delivery of UAM? *
    5. Not reportable

      For advertising material to be considered UAM, you must have a ‘No Junk Mail’ (or similar) sign, clearly visible on the mailbox.

      See unsolicited advertising material for more information.

    6. What sign?Select all that apply
  3. Unsolicited advertising material details
  4. Declaration
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Last updated
3 October 2023