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Westpac Bank, Normanton

Landsborough Street, Normanton

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Westpac Bank, Normanton (2010); EHP

Westpac Bank, Normanton (2010)

Bank of New South Wales at Normanton ca. 1922; State Library of Queensland

Bank of New South Wales at Normanton ca. 1922

Bank of NSW gold scales (2010); EHP

Bank of NSW gold scales (2010)

Normanton Bank of NSW (2010 ); EHP

Normanton Bank of NSW (2010 )

Bank of NSW refurbishment plaque 1996; Heritage Branch Staff

Bank of NSW refurbishment plaque 1996

On the corner of Landsborough and Little Brown Streets is one of the prettiest buildings in Normanton. Designed by Brisbane Architect Richard Gailey, the Westpac Bank - previously the Bank of New South Wales - was built in 1886. At that time, Normanton had developed as the port for the pastoral and mining industries, including the Cloncurry gold and copper fields, and the Etheridge and Croydon Goldfields. The development of banking facilities was important to the commercial role of Normanton as the supply centre for the Gulf Region. The Bank of New South Wales commenced trading in Normanton in 1884 in rented premises and acquired the present site in 1885. The building was used as both the bank premises and manager's residence until the late 1960s, when the manager moved to a new residence. The residential component of the building was kept as staff quarters until 1971, when new staff quarters were built. Banking facilities were updated in 1978 and changes to the building ensued. In 1996, to celebrate the bank’s 110th anniversary, extensive renovations were undertaken, and a mini-museum installed to document the bank’s history. The Westpac Bank is the only remaining banking facility in Normanton.

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Coordinates: -17.67086716, 141.07865213

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