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Westpac Bank, Cooktown

Charlotte Street, Cooktown

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Westpac Bank Cooktown (2008); Heritage Branch Staff

Westpac Bank Cooktown (2008)

Westpac Cooktown front veranda (2008); EHP

Westpac Cooktown front veranda (2008)

This building was designed by architect FGD Stanley for the Queensland National Bank which opened for business in 1891. It replaced an earlier timber structure which had operated in Cooktown from the height of the Palmer River gold rush in 1874. The new bank, with its imposing columns, finely detailed decorative work and interior walnut paneling, reflected Cooktown’s prosperity. The town fell into decline in the early 20th century, and the Queensland National Bank closed its Cooktown branch in 1933.Thankfully for the town, the Bank of New South Wales purchased the building late in 1935 and converted it for use as its premises. Its earlier building, dating to 1876, was then demolished. The building underwent restoration and refurbishment and until recently operated as a branch of the Westpack Bank. Like many small towns, the advent of electronic banking and the provision of ATMs spelled the end of the branch bank, and Westpac now operates from part of the post office building.

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Coordinates: -15.46716293, 145.24986407

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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28 February 2023