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Royal Hotel

Kent Street, Maryborough

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Royal Hotel (2016) ; Heritage Branch staff

Royal Hotel (2016)

Royal Hotel dining room ca.1915; Heritage Branch Staff

Royal Hotel dining room ca.1915

Royal Hotel (2016); Heritage Branch staff

Royal Hotel (2016)

Royal Hotel (1995); Heritage Branch

Royal Hotel (1995)

This large hotel in Kent Street, Maryborough, was the site of Edward Aldridge’s 1858 ‘Bush Inn’. In 1873, it was purchased by local sawmill owner Richard Hyne who undertook improvements. In 1892, he built a two storey masonry building adjacent to the hotel, on the corner of Bazaar Street. It was later incorporated into the redesign of the hotel. Architects Eaton and Bates were awarded the redesign contract following a competition which specified that the new hotel must incorporate the best features of the ‘Oriental Hotel’ in Colombo and the ‘Shepherd’s Hotel’ in Cairo. When completed in 1902, it was described as one of the finest hotels north of Sydney and the most complete in Australia. The large entrance vestibule led to an extravagant stair hall. The dining room extended through two stories with an encircling gallery. The first floor offered accommodation and shops were built along the Kent Street frontage. Extensive alterations designed by POE Hawkes in 1932 featured local timbers of mountain ash, red gum, spotted gum, and ironbark from Hyne and Sons timber merchants. The pressed metal cantilevered awning was installed in 1939. The ‘Royal Hotel’ remained in the Hyne family until 1960.

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Coordinates: -25.53891531, 152.70349655

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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