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North Pine Presbyterian Church (former)

901 Dayboro Road, Whiteside, Whiteside

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The church from the north east, 2019.; Heritage Branch Staff

The church from the north east, 2019.

The church from the south west, 2019; Heritage Branch Staff

The church from the south west, 2019

Nave, 2019.; Heritage Branch Staff

Nave, 2019.

The small timber church in the grounds of the North Pine Country Park Historical Village is the oldest church in the district. It was built in 1884 for the Presbyterian parish. Its original location was at 57 Old Dayboro Road Petrie. The Presbyterian congregation had originally been ministered from Bald Hills, but a new parish formed in 1873. Their first church was built by July. It is thought that it was also built at 57 Old Dayboro Road. By 1884 a new church was built on the site. The fate of the first one is unknown. The new church was reputedly built by local builder James Foreman. Tom Petrie was voted chairman of the church committee at the opening ceremony. In 1911 the suburb of North Pine was renamed Petrie and around this time the front doors of the church were replaced with doors from Tom Petrie’s home. In 1985, the church was relocated to the North Pine Country Park historical village, coincidentally on the property established by its builder, James Foreman.

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Coordinates: -27.26116324, 152.95305344

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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1 July 2022
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28 February 2023