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St James Cathedral

36 Cleveland Terrace, Townsville

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St James's Cathedral, 1890s section (2013) ; Heritage Branch

St James's Cathedral, 1890s section (2013)

St James's Cathedral (1924), State Library of Queensland; Heritage Branch Staff

St James's Cathedral (1924), State Library of Queensland

St James’s Cathedral is a major landmark on Melton Hill. It was built in two stages; the first was between 1887 and 1892 to a design by Sydney architectural firm Blacket Brothers. The original design was for a stone church, with a low wide central tower which would act as a ventilation shaft, and a single tower at the northern door. Townsville contractors MacMahon and Cliffe commenced construction on 27 June 1887. Financial constraints led to changes to the design and the cathedral was constructed in brick with concrete facings, a temporary roof and no towers. Arthur Blacket’s services were suspended in 1890 and local architect Walter Morris Eyre was entrusted with completing the building. It was consecrated in October 1892, with tributes paid to Bishop Stanton who had initiated its construction, before taking up his post as Bishop of Newcastle. Melbourne architect Louis Williams designed the second stage of St James; built in 1959-60 and supervised by local architects Black and Paulsen. The statue of St James was sculptured by German-born Brisbane sculpture Erwin Guth. The completed cathedral was consecrated in 1978. Today it also serves as a concert hall for the wider Townsville community.

Coordinates: -19.255514, 146.81671437

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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