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Normanton Cemetery

Burke Developmental Road, Normanton

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Normanton Cemetery graves of tracker Nardoo Burns and his wife (2010); EHP

Normanton Cemetery graves of tracker Nardoo Burns and his wife (2010)

Normanton Cemetery (2000); EHP

Normanton Cemetery (2000)

The Normanton Cemetery is located on the outskirts of Normanton, on a ridge on the Burke Development Road. Timber gates lead into the treed grounds where the earliest marked grave dates to 1870. The cemetery was not formally gazetted until September 1885. A local board of trustees was nominated the following year. Then, in 1891, another adjoining allotment on the south-western side was gazetted for Aboriginal burials. This burial ground seems to have continued across the road, with many marked graves located here. The main cemetery contains some interesting Chinese cemetery markers. The grave of Aboriginal tracker Sergeant Nardoo Burns and his wife Lila are located here. Nardoo Burns was legendary in the region and has been memorialised in a song by Slim Dusty.

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Coordinates: -17.68424582, 141.06367579

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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1 July 2022
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28 February 2023