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Grassy Hill Lighthouse

Grassy Hill, Cooktown

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Grassy Hill Lighthouse (2010); EHP

Grassy Hill Lighthouse (2010)

Grassy Hill lighthouse (2013); EHP

Grassy Hill lighthouse (2013)

Grassy Hill Lighthouse - view from (2008); EHP

Grassy Hill Lighthouse - view from (2008)

Grassy Hill Lighthouse view to Endeavour Inlet (2010); EHP

Grassy Hill Lighthouse view to Endeavour Inlet (2010)

Close to the summit of Grassy Hill, overlooking Cooktown, is a small corrugated iron lighthouse which has guided vessels into the mouth of the Endeavour River since 1886. Only seven of this type of lighthouse, were built in Queensland and only three remain in use on their original site. Cooktown had been established in October 1873 as the Endeavour River port for the Palmer River goldfields. Within three years, the goldfields were home to over 9,200 people and Cooktown had a population of 2,200. Shipping in and out of Cooktown grew rapidly. Lead lights were used to guide ships into the river mouth. A signal staff had been erected on the hill in 1874 and a small cottage constructed for the signalman. A temporary light was erected on the hill in 1882. The light house was completed in September 1886 and was opened by George Pointer Heath, Portmaster of Queensland, who had recommended its construction. Lightkeeper’s quarters were built in 1900, replacing the signalman’s quarters. The light was converted to solar power in 1993 and is maintained for the benefit of small craft and fishing vessels.

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Coordinates: -15.46073595, 145.25502002

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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