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Croydon Shire Hall

Samwell Street, Croydon

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Croydon Shire Hall (2011); EHP

Croydon Shire Hall (2011)

Town Hall Croydon ca. 1900; Heritage Branch Staff

Town Hall Croydon ca. 1900

Adjacent to the court house and police precinct is the Croydon Shire Hall, likely built around 1889. In July 1888 the Croydon Divisional Board had plans drawn up by Messrs Etherington and Harrison, and after consultation with the colonial architect, a few amendments were made before construction commenced. An exact date of completion is unknown, but newspapers reported a meeting in the hall in May 1890. The building, like the courthouse, is clad in galvanised iron, but its distinctive clock tower gives a sense of grandeur to the street. Local government in Croydon began with the formation of the Divisional Board in 1887. In 1892 a separate Croydon Municipal Council was formed to administer the town. The divisional boards became shire councils around 1903, and the municipal council merged with the shire in 1908. The building was known as the Town Hall from about 1901, continuing to be the centre of social activities. The Croydon Shire Council utilised the building until 1991 when new offices were built opposite. The hall continues use as a picture theatre and retains early film projection equipment. It is also a venue for dances, live music and travelling shows.

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Coordinates: -18.20333366, 142.24374632

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