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Potters House

513 Sturt Street, Townsville

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Baptist Church, Townsville (1923) State Library of Queensland; State Library of Queensland

Baptist Church, Townsville (1923) State Library of Queensland

The former Townsville Baptist Church was built in 1922. It was built using second hand bricks from another building, and timber salvaged from a church which previously occupied the site. The first Baptist Church began worshipping in rented premises from January 1888. In 1891, the church purchased this land which included two cottages. The land was reconfigured leaving vacant land facing Sturt Street. In 1893, the community relocated a disused Congregational Church building to the Sturt Street site. Although this structure was intended to be temporary, it took many years of fundraising to accumulate enough money to build a new church. Second-hand bricks were sourced from a disused powder magazine at Brookhill and the congregation dismantled and cleaned around 30,000 bricks. The new rendered brick structure opened in July 1922. The minimalism of its design reflects the Baptist emphasis on simplicity and plainness in a place of worship. The tiny church outgrew its congregation in 1981 and merged with the Currajong Baptist Church to build a new church at Kirwan. This property was sold in 1981 and has been occupied by the Potters House Christian Fellowship since 1985.

Coordinates: -19.26499343, 146.80993105

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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28 February 2023