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Old Croydon Cemetery

West of the railway station, Croydon

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Old Crodon Cemetery Chinese graves (2009); EHP

Old Crodon Cemetery Chinese graves (2009)

Old Crodon Cemetery child's grave (2009); EHP

Old Crodon Cemetery child's grave (2009)

Old Croydon Cemetery (2009); EHP

Old Croydon Cemetery (2009)

The old Croydon Cemetery is accessed by a track from Samwell Street. The five acre site was surveyed in 1886 and gazetted in August 1888. Remaining headstones are few, and include two European and two Chinese and four other discernable sites with no markings. There are no records remaining of the burials in this cemetery, only the register pertaining to the main Croydon Cemetery, which was gazetted only a few months later in February 1889. Use of this cemetery was discontinued following the establishment of a much larger cemetery further out of town, known simply as the Croydon Cemetery. The reason for the relocation was that this first site was predominantly sandstone and dynamite had to be used to create the graves. While the second site still has some areas of sandstone, it was chosen initially because of its apparent sandy soil.

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Coordinates: -18.20312314, 142.23531775

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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1 July 2022
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28 February 2023