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Pomona Police residence (& former station), lock-up and courthouse

Red Street, Pomona

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Pomona Police residence, lock-up and courthouse (2004); Heritage Branch Staff

Pomona Police residence, lock-up and courthouse (2004)

Pomona Police residence, lock-up and courthouse (2009); EHP

Pomona Police residence, lock-up and courthouse (2009)

The town of Pomona, named after the roman goddess of fruit, was surveyed in 1900. Timber, dairying and banana production were the main industries. By 1910 the town had two banks, two stores, two butchers, a hotel a state school and a newspaper. Locals continually lobbied for a police presence, but were unsuccessful. Police stations were built in the neighbouring towns of Cooroy and Cooran. This prompted Pomona carpenter and Justice of the Peace Eugene Von Blenckensee to offer to build a police house and lease it to the government. Despite getting no response, he built a house at 1Railway Parade. His offer was only taken up following a break-in at the two local stores in 1927. Police business was conducted from the leased property at 1 Railway Parade until 1 September 1934. In June 1934, construction began on an official police station/residence, two-cell lock-up, courthouse and stable on adjacent land facing Red Street. Few changes were made to the buildings over the years, apart from the conversion of one of the stables into a motorcycle garage. The Pomona Courthouse remains operational adjacent to a new low-set concrete block police station constructed in 2004.

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Coordinates: -26.36337264, 152.85407401

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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1 July 2022
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28 February 2023