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Majestic Theatre

3 Factory Street, Pomona

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Majestic Theatre (2007); EHP

Majestic Theatre (2007)

Majestic Theatre Interior (2009); ehp

Majestic Theatre Interior (2009)

Majestic Theatre (2007); EHP

Majestic Theatre (2007)

Pomona's Majestic Theatre is the longest continually operating theatre in Queensland, and reputedly the oldest authentic silent movie theatre in the world. The local publicans, Errol and Myra Osborne decided to build a hall adjacent to their Railway Hotel. Myra's mother Clare McDonald purchased the land and financed the construction of the hall. The multi-purpose hall, which opened in 1921, served as a vaudeville and picture show venue, as well as a dance hall. Initially, travelling picture show men visited the hall, but in 1923, it was leased to Harold 'Picture' Page. On 28 April 1931 the first 'Talkie' movie was shown. The lease was transferred to Ernie Bazzo in 1933 who installed the first bio box (projection room). He managed the Majestic until 1973 when his ill health forced its sale. New owners Ron and Mandy West upgraded the facilities and initiated the showing of old silent films in the late 1980s, when most traditional cinemas had closed. They refurbished the theatre fittings and furniture from closed cinemas, including different elements of the pipe organ from theatres in England and New Zealand. Seats, stage drapes and equipment were sourced from Brisbane's Regent, Wintergarden and Her Majesty's theatres. In 2015, the theatre is operated by a not-for-profit organisation; Pomona Progress Art Tourism Inc.

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