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Prenzlau State School

357 Prenzlau Road, Prenzlau

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Prenzlau State School (2015); Heritage Branch Staff

Prenzlau State School (2015)

Playshed (2015); Heritage Branch staff

Playshed (2015)

Prenzlau State School Building (2015); Heritage Branch staff

Prenzlau State School Building (2015)

Prenzlau State School - Entry Gate (2015); Heritage Branch staff

Prenzlau State School - Entry Gate (2015)

Prenzlau State School and Bottle Tree (2015); Heritage Branch staff

Prenzlau State School and Bottle Tree (2015)

The Prenzlau Provisional School opened in 1894, on a different site on a hill, about 300m to the south west of its current site. It served a sparse but growing rural population. The school became a state school in 1899. Tenders were called for a new school building; completed in 1900. The provisional school was converted into a teacher’s residence. A playshed was added to the site in 1910. The region boasted the Back Plains Dairy Company and the Hillside Cooperative Cattle Dip Company between 1906 and 1913, when the district was at its most prosperous. The school committee successfully lobbied to have the school relocated to its current site in 1923 because of the steepness of the original site. The school building was re-erected on higher stumps, improving the ventilation and providing a covered play area underneath. The windows were enlarged at this time to improve the internal lighting. The school grounds include many mature significant trees; generally planted during the annual Arbor Day celebrations. Entrance gates were added as part of the school’s centenary celebrations in 1994.

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Coordinates: -27.53395203, 152.52373705

Full details of this heritage-registered place are in the Heritage register.

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1 July 2022
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28 February 2023