The Dingoes (Wongari) of K'gari (Fraser Island)

Back cover background photo: © Tourism and Events Queensland All other photos (unless otherwise credited): © Queensland Government Illustrators: Mark Gerrard (Mariart Design Studio) and Maria-Ann Loi (Image Wiz) ©State of Queensland 2017. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing. BP2211 May 2017 Printed on eco-friendly paper to save energy and resources. Connect with Queensland National Parks (access, closures and conditions) To report any dingo incidents: (07) 4127 9150 email: When on K’gari (Fraser Island) When dingoes come close If you or someone else has been injured by a dingo… Call Triple Zero ( 000 ) and get immediate medical help. Non-urgent medical: 13 12 33 Reporting an injured or dead dingo: (07) 4127 9150 Reporting negative incidents (including people doing the wrong thing): (07) 4127 9150 or email: • Tearing tents • Stealing property • Circling, lunging or chasing people • Bailing up or ‘herding’ people into the ocean. • Nipping or biting people • Savagely attacking Be dingo-safe! Never feed dingoes. Always stay within arm’s reach of children, even small teenagers. Walk or sit in groups. Do not run or jog. Camp in fenced areas when possible. Lock up food stores and iceboxes (even on a boat moored close to shore). Never store food or food containers in tents. Secure all rubbish, fish and bait. If you feel threatened by a dingo • Stay calm. • Sand up to your full height. • Face the dingo. • Keep your arms close to your body, and keep facing the dingo. • Calmly back away to a safe area, preferably a vehicle or fenced area. • If in pairs or a group, stand back to back. • Confidently call for help. • Do not run or wave your arms.