Gold Coast and Scenic Rim national parks

Springbrook National Park Photo: Maxime Coquard © Qld Govt Highlights • Stand on the suspension bridge and feel the spray of Purling Brook Falls plummeting into the rock pools. • Walk among ancient Antarctic beech trees in the cool temperate rainforest on the Best of All lookout track. • Visit Natural Bridge by day to see the unique waterfall. At night, be entranced by the blue-green lights of thousands of glow-worms living in the cave. Getting there Springbrook has four sections—the plateau, Mount Cougal to the east and Natural Bridge andNuminbah to thewest. Springbrook plateau section Exit the Pacific Motorway at Nerang and follow Nerang–Murwillumbah Road to the Springbrook turn-off at Pine Creek Road or take the Mudgeeraba turn off and follow the Gold Coast–Springbrook Road. Mount Cougal section Exit the Gold Coast Highway at Currumbin and follow Currumbin Creek Road to its end. Numinbah and Natural Bridge sections Exit the Pacific Motorway at Nerang and follow Nerang–Murwillumbah Road. Signs on your journey to Natural Bridge can be more reliable than your GPS in this area. Blue spiny crayfish (left); Natural Bridge (below); Twin Falls (right); Eastern yellow robin (far right). Photos: © Robert Ashdown (left); © Tourism and Events Qld (below); Maxime Coquard © Qld Govt (right); Anna Osetroff © Qld Govt (far right) Strap on your hiking boots and submerge into lush subtropical rainforest, open eucalypt woodland and montane heath, the sound of tumbling creeks and songbirds in the air. Witness the power of roaring cascades as they continue to sculpt rocky escarpments and caves. Feel you’ve reached the world’s edge as you venture atop lookouts and take in breathtaking views of the valleys below. Did you know? Glow-worms seen at Natural Bridge are not actually worms but the larvae of a small fly. The light you see is a chemical reaction occurring inside the glow-worm’s body. Known as bioluminescence, meaning ‘living light’, this quirk of nature is used to lure prey. Rangers’ tip Book in advance with a local tour operator for a night-time glow worm tour. Find out more at Things to do Wildlife spotting Spot brilliant blue spiny crays, frogs and long-finned eels swimming in the sparkling mountain streams. Shy pademelons, swamp wallabies and potoroos roam the forest floor and glossy-black satin bowerbirds forage for blue treasures to decorate their bowers. At night, glow-worms provide a magical experience inside the cave at Natural Bridge. Horseriding Enjoy a country-style horseride along the specified trails in Numinbah and Austinville sections of the park. Visit trails for information about the SEQ horse riding trail network. Springbrook National Park Spectacular waterfalls and cool ancient forests await you in this beautiful World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest. 14