Gold Coast and Scenic Rim national parks

Photo: © Ben Blanche Lamington National Park, Illinbah Circuit Crossing Best time to visit Along the coast the climate is mild and subtropical with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°C in summer and from 11°C to 21°C in winter. But in the west and on the mountain plateaus winter mornings can fall below a frosty 0°C and hot summer days can reach a simmering 25°C to 40°C, especially on the exposed ridges. Walking in the cooler months from April to September is best when rain and leeches are less common. Plan your getaway Venture into the green beyond the gold, where open woodland and rainforest stretch across rolling valleys and peaks, and seemingly impassable ranges reach to the clouds. Write your own story on a day trip or longer holiday, exploring all that this vast and beautiful region has to offer. Guided tours If you prefer someone else to do the planning, or you’re simply short of time, you can join tours with experienced guides for a day or several nights. See and for more information. David Fleay Wildlife Park (below left); exploring Lamington National Park (below right); Albert’s lyrebird (inset). Photos: Briony Masters © Qld Govt (below left); Anna Osetroff © Qld Govt; (below right); © Bruce Thomson (inset) Add some local flavour Add one of the region’s fun-loving events or tourist attractions to your journey. Slow dance with a special someone at a jazz festival, steal through neon-lit city streets for some late-night shopping, treasure hunt at a local market or scream upside down on a rollercoaster ride. Dress up and enjoy a day out at the country races, ride your bike past farmland and open country plains, celebrate at a firefly festival or savour regional flavours at a country pub, teahouse or winery. Find out more at and 6