Gold Coast and Scenic Rim national parks

1 2 T a l l e b u d g e r a C r e e k L o m a n Lan e W e s t B u r l e i g h R o a d Entry Loman Lane To Pacific Motorway David Fleay Wildlife Park David Fleay Conservation Park 200m Scale 0 Photo: © Robert Ashdown Estuarine (saltwater) crocodile Enjoy our Fleays in Flight show (left); Wally the platypus (middle). Photos: Steve Browne © Qld Govt (left); Maxime Coquard © Qld Govt (middle) Highlights • Flinch at the ‘snap’ of jaws closing, as estuarine crocodiles launch out of the water to snatch prey from Park Rangers at feeding time (September–February, subject to change). • Marvel at the playful escapades of Wally, the resident platypus, as he forages for crayfish and slides down his waterfall. • Feel like an excited kid again as Park Rangers introduce you to amazing wildlife, some rarely seen in the wild. Getting there Take the West Burleigh turn-off (exit 89) from the Pacific Motorway and follow the signs along West Burleigh Road to the park entrance. Places to go Free attractions outside the park. 1 Mangrove boardwalk 800m return (15min) Weave through fringing plants living between land and water, peeping through to stunning views of Tallebudgera Creek. Delight in azure kingfishers and rainbow bee-eaters darting through the mangroves. 2 Canoeing and kayaking Be enchanted on a peaceful paddle along mangrove-lined Tallebudgera Creek, where you can drift past fish, stingrays, sea-eagles, and if you’re lucky, dolphins. Imagine yourself on safari, glimpsing prehistoric-looking cassowaries, tree- kangaroos, dingoes, emus and iconic koalas from the boardwalk. Wander through wetlands, rainforest and open woodlands, where animals roam free in the natural surroundings. The park is open from 9am to 5pm daily, except Christmas Day and ANZAC Day morning— opening at 1pm. Admission fees apply. Phone (07) 5669 2051. Things to do Watch daily wildlife shows Join Park Rangers to learn about the unique wildlife that share our backyard, as well as elusive, endangered and even dangerous critters! Snakes, gliders, cassowaries and crocodiles all have their time in the spotlight. Visit the nocturnal house Uncover the secret night-time antics of platypus, woma pythons and mahogany gliders inside the nocturnal house. Have a ‘Eureka’ moment far from the hot, dry grasslands of their native outback homes, discovering endangered bilbies and the story of the people trying to save them. Venture into this much-loved wildlife park, beneath dappled eucalypt and arching fig tree canopies, in search of some of Queensland’s most intriguing and rarely seen animals. David Fleay Wildlife Park