Tropical Coast national parks

Sunrise at Hinchinbrook Photo: © Garry Hutcheson Home to the iconic Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island is a wild paradise rising dramatically from the surrounding Great Barrier Reef waters. Boasting craggy mountain peaks, wind-swept heathlands, lush rainforest, unspoiled beaches and crystal-water creeks, the island is rich in varied landscapes waiting for discovery. Aboriginal people lived on the island for thousands of years. Remaining middens and fish traps tell of their lives spent caring for and being sustained by the island’s cultural landscape. Ranger’s tip Immerse yourself in Hinchinbrook’s rugged natural beauty, trek the Thorsborne Trail or just laze around and soak up the atmosphere at beautiful Zoe Falls. However you decide to do Hinchinbrook please remember to take your rubbish with you. Ranger Evan Hinchinbrook Island National Park Must dos • Hike up Nina Peak and enjoy the breathtaking view over the east coast of the island with not a sign of civilisation in sight. • Swim at pristine Zoe Falls then bask on a warm granite boulder with the local skinks as you dry off. • Challenge yourself on the Thorsborne Trail to discover untouched wilderness and stunning vistas around every corner. • Fish the famed Hinchinbrook Channel for a big barra while you spot crocodiles, dugong, turtles and dolphins sharing the unspoilt waterway. Getting there Launch your own boat or travel with a tourist operator from Dungeness (24km east of Ingham) or Cardwell. Hinchinbrook is about 5km offshore of the mainland. You can’t take vehicles or mountain bikes onto the island—the only means of getting around is on foot or by vessel from bay to bay. Feel your heart beat to nature’s rhythm as you climb rugged mountain slopes, explore the forested depths and wander the sweeping beaches of Hinchinbrook’s world-renowned wilderness. Things to do Walk the Thorsborne Trail If you have 4–7 days to spare, you can explore the breathtaking wilderness of Hinchinbrook Island on this world renowned trail. Walker numbers are limited. Obtain your camping permit well in advance and be very well prepared. Find out more at Kayaking Paddle around the eastern side of the island and soak up the stunning views, visit deserted beaches and look for turtles, dolphins and dugong. Take your own kayak or book a guided tour. Check the weather forecast before you set off. Fishing Try your luck for a fresh barramundi dinner in the Hinchinbrook Channel or at Missionary Bay. Fishing regulations and marine park zoning restrictions apply (see page 27). Photo: © Stephen Nowakowski Hinchinbrook Island 16