Tropical Coast national parks

Djiru NP Clump Mountain NP To El Arish To Tully Mission Beach Wongaling Beach Bingil Bay Bicton Hill Dreaming trail Musgravea track T u l l y t o M i s s i o n B e a c h r o a d Licuala day-use area Lacey Creek day-use area Clump Point jetty 4 5 6 3 2 1 1 2km Scale 0 Photo: Maxime Coquard © Qld Govt View from Bicton Hill Fan Palm walk, Djiru National Park Photo: © Tourism Tropical North Queensland Wander through lowland rainforest and rare fan palm forest. Now surrounded by agricultural land, these parks are a refuge rich in tropical forest life and Aboriginal cultural history. Things to do Wildlife spotting Look for cassowaries roaming through the rainforest or lace monitors scrambling up tree trunks. Mountain biking Cycle the easy 6km Musgravea trail, an old logging road in days gone by. Djiru and Clump Mountain national parks Must dos • Wander in the dappled shade under the beautiful splayed fronds of rare palms on the Fan Palm walk in Djiru National Park. • From Bicton Hill lookout in Clump Mountain National Park admire the expansive coastal views, just as the Djiru Aboriginal people have done for many years. Getting there Djiru National Park Licuala day-use area in Djiru National Park is at the end of an unsealed road off Tully-Mission Beach road about 8km south-west of Mission Beach. Turn off Tully- Mission Beach road at the sign. To access Lacey Creek day-use area drive 7.5km west from Mission Beach along El Arish-Mission Beach Road. Clump Mountain National Park Access to the car park for Bicton Hill walking track is 4.3km north of Mission Beach on Alexander Drive. Hike through lush fan palm forest, soak up exquisite tropical island views and spot an iconic cassowary, all a stone’s throw from Mission Beach. Places to go From Licuala day-use area enjoy a 1.3km return stroll through a fan palm forest on the Fan Palm walk 1 . Kids—find the cassowary nest on the 400m Children’s walk 2 . Mountain bike or hike the 6km one-way Musgravea track 3 . From Lacey Creek day-use area look for saw-shelled turtles on the 1.5km return Lacey Creek walk 4 or explore the 3.2km Dreaming trail 5 . 6 Bicton Hill track 3.9km return (2.5hr). Grade: moderate Climb Bicton Hill for amazing blue-water views of Dunk Island and beyond. Places to stay You can’t camp in the park but there are many accommodation options at Mission Beach. Find out more at Safety Remember to be cass-o-wary (see page 27). 20