Tropical Coast national parks

Snorkelling Fitzroy Island (below left); kayaking near Dunk Island (below); Orpheus island (above) Photos: © Tourism and Events Qld (below left/below); Aaron Dean © Qld Govt (above) Must dos • Don mask and snorkel and be enthralled at the diversity, movement and colour of the Great Barrier Reef! • Wander secluded sandy shores and have a picnic on the beach with only shorebirds for company. Getting there You can get to all the island parks with your own boat or with a tourist operator from neighbouring towns on the mainland. Visit for more information. On the islands, explore the walking tracks on foot. You can’t take vehicles or mountain bikes onto the islands (except for Magnetic Island). Tropical island national parks Like green jewels, the Great Barrier Reef’s tropical islands float on vibrant azure seas. High forested slopes, secluded beaches nestled between rocky headlands, and colourful fringing reefs characterise most island parks, while Green Island is a tiny coral cay cloaked with rainforest. Things to do Wildlife spotting Look for dolphins, dugong and turtles from your boat, watch shorebirds feeding on the water’s edge and birds of prey soaring overhead. Spot humpback whales during the whale watching season (June to November). Snorkelling Thrill to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef—snorkel off the beaches around Orpheus, Family, Barnard, Frankland, Green and Fitzroy island national parks. Boating Explore the blue tropical waters and many secluded beaches with your own boat. Reduce your speed in seagrass areas— dugongs feed here. Fishing Fish off the beaches or from your boat— golden snapper, barred javelin and trevally are likely catches. Marine park zoning and fishing regulations apply (see page 27). Places to camp Orpheus, Goold, Family, Barnard and Frankland island national parks have camping areas. You need to be totally self- sufficient when camping on these islands. See for more information. Safety Dangerous stinging jellyfish may be present in coastal waters at any time. A full-body lycra suit may provide good protection or avoid swimming during the warmer months (see page 27). If you are not a confident swimmer please wear a personal flotation device while snorkelling. Be crocwise in croc country (see page 27). Be pest-free —keep the Great Barrier Reef islands free from pests and disease (see page 27). Find your own personal paradise on a tropical island as you relax on sun-kissed sands lapped by the sparkling waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Photo: © Tourism Tropical North Queensland Fitzroy Island 25