Tropical Coast national parks

Tropical paradise Refresh on a tropical holiday full of glorious tumbling waterfalls, rushing wild rivers and beaches caressed by balmy seas— everything that makes the wet tropics wet! World Heritage treasures Discover special World Heritage places, from mist-shrouded mountain tops to reef- fringed islands—a new treasure awaits around every bend. Unique wildlife Delight in spotting Queensland’s iconic wildlife—watch a cassowary weave through the rainforest or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, filled with a rainbow of corals and a thrilling array of marine life. Ancient rainforests Wonder at the majesty and mystery of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest— a place of breathtaking beauty and a unique sanctuary for some of the world’s most threatened species. Exhilarating adventures Energise on a tropical adventure—rafting whitewater rapids, trekking rugged landscapes, mountain biking historic trails or ocean kayaking from one perfect beach to the next! Welcome to Tropical Coast parks Welcome to our national parks—part of which is my country. Warrgamay land is of great significance to me and my peoples. The connection I feel to country can’t be any stronger and I have strong pride and passion to be a caretaker and role model for the Indigenous and the non-Indigenous community. The land is the mother and we are of the land; we do not own the land rather the land owns us. The land is our food, our culture, our spirit and our identity. So when myself and my people of Warrgamay talk about country it is spoken of like a person: we speak to country, we sing to country, we worry about country and we long for country. This job as a caretaker makes me proud of who I am, and am privileged to work and to care for country. Ranger Clarence on behalf of the Park Rangers of the Tropical Coast 3