Tropical Coast national parks

Photo: © Townsville Enterprise Magnetic Island, Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Ancient rainforest-clad mountains carved by waterfalls and gorges, sweep down to a patchwork of lush tropical farms, forests and wetlands. Rivers and creeks meander to the coast where pristine beaches are lapped by tropical waters—the meeting place of two World Heritage areas, the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef. The Tropical Coast awaits your discovery. Plan your getaway Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Wet Tropics World Heritage Area Discover the breathtaking beauty and biodiversity of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Extending from Townsville to Cooktown, these ancient rainforests are a living cultural landscape for Rainforest Aboriginal people and home to many threatened species. Rainforest, open woodlands and mangroves are home to an astounding variety of animals and plants, including many found nowhere else in the world. Find out more at Paluma Range National Park Photo: Robert Ashdown © Qld Govt Coastline (above); snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef (below). Photo: © Tourism Tropical North Qld The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area features the world’s largest coral reef, famed for its incredible beauty and outstanding biodiversity. Stretching more than 2,000km along Queensland’s coast, the Reef comprises 3,000 individual reefs and islands. The remarkable ecosystem is home to thousands of different species of fish, molluscs, corals, sponges and abundant marine mammals, reptiles and birds. Find out more at 6