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Regional ecosystem details for 12.1.2

Regional ecosystem 12.1.2
Vegetation Management Act class Least concern
Wetlands Intertidal
Biodiversity status No concern at present
Subregion 10, 8, 4, 9, (3), (7), (2), (11.14)
Estimated extent1 Pre-clearing 32000 ha; Remnant 2021 27000 ha
Short description Saltpan vegetation including grassland, herbland and sedgeland on marine clay plains
Structure code Tussock Grassland
Description Saltpan vegetation comprising Sporobolus virginicus grassland and samphire herbland. Grasses including Zoysia macrantha subsp. macrantha sometimes present in upper portions of tidal flats. Includes saline or brackish sedgelands. Usually occurs on hypersaline Quaternary estuarine deposits. Marine plains/tidal flats. Intertidal. (BVG1M: 35b).
Supplementary description Bean et al. (1998), A3
Protected areas Curtis Island CP, Curtis Island NP, Great Sandy NP, Burrum Coast NP, Bribie Island NP, Southern Moreton Bay Islands NP, Eurimbula NP, Poona NP, Pumicestone NP, Naree Budjong Djara NP, Deception Bay CP, Hays Inlet CP 2, Hays Inlet CP 1, Great Sandy CP, Mud
Special values 12.1.2: Habitat for threatened fauna species including the false water-rat Xeromys myoides in the southern part of the bioregion particularly in areas immediately adjacent to mangroves, 12.1.3. ( Van Dyck and Gynther, 1996, 2003).
Fire management guidelines INTERVAL: Fire return interval not relevant. INTERVAL_MIN: 100. INTERVAL_MAX: 100. STRATEGY: Do not burn deliberately. No fire management required. Largely non-flammable vegetation.
Comments 12.1.2: Tidally inundated less frequently than mangroves. This ecosystem is under threat from sea level rise along its seaward margin.

1 Estimated extent is from version 13.1 pre-clearing and 2021 remnant regional ecosystem mapping. Figures are rounded for simplicity. For more precise estimates, including breakdowns by tenure and other themes see remnant vegetation in Queensland.

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