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Regional ecosystem details for 13.3.5

Regional ecosystem 13.3.5
Vegetation Management Act class Of concern
Wetlands Riverine
Biodiversity status Endangered
Subregion 3, (11.32)
Estimated extent1 Pre-clearing 7000 ha; Remnant 2021 4000 ha
Short description Eucalyptus camaldulensis fringing open forest
Structure code Open Forest
Description Fringing open forest of Eucalyptus tereticornis/E. camaldulensis, Casuarina cunninghamiana. Occurs along major streams on Cainozoic alluvial plains. Riverine. (BVG1M: 16a).
Supplementary description Young and McDonald (1989), 9p, Haselgrove and Cant (2009), 3c, 3a in part
Protected areas Sundown NP
Fire management guidelines SEASON: Autumn/Winter (Apr-Aug). INTENSITY: Low. INTERVAL: 5-15 years. INTERVAL_MIN: 5. INTERVAL_MAX: 15. STRATEGY: Burn < 20% of stands in any year, burning patches each year whenever possible.
Comments 13.3.5: Disturbed by grazing. Dieback extensive in E. camaldulensis along McIntyre River. Poor regeneration of canopy species. Infestation by Phyla canescens and willows.

1 Estimated extent is from version 13.1 pre-clearing and 2021 remnant regional ecosystem mapping. Figures are rounded for simplicity. For more precise estimates, including breakdowns by tenure and other themes see remnant vegetation in Queensland.

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