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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
11.4.1Semi-evergreen vine thicket +/- Casuarina cristata on Cainozoic clay plainsEndangeredEndangered
11.5.15Semi-evergreen vine thicket on Cainozoic sand plains and/or remnant surfacesLeast concernEndangered
11.7.1Acacia harpophylla and/or Casuarina cristata and Eucalyptus thozetiana or E. microcarpa woodland on lower scarp slopes on Cainozoic lateritic duricrustLeast concernOf concern
11.8.3Semi-evergreen vine thicket on Cainozoic igneous rocksOf concernOf concern
11.8.9Callitris spp. +/- vine thicket woodland on Cainozoic igneous rocksOf concernEndangered
11.8.13Semi-evergreen vine thicket and microphyll vine forest on Cainozoic igneous rocksEndangeredEndangered
11.9.4Semi-evergreen vine thicket or Acacia harpophylla with a semi-evergreen vine thicket understorey on fine-grained sedimentary rocksOf concernEndangered
11.9.5Acacia harpophylla and/or Casuarina cristata open forest to woodland on fine-grained sedimentary rocksEndangeredEndangered
11.10.8Semi-evergreen vine thicket in sheltered habitats on medium to coarse-grained sedimentary rocksOf concernOf concern
11.11.5Microphyll vine forest +/- Araucaria cunninghamii on old sedimentary rocks with varying degrees of metamorphism and foldingLeast concernNo concern at present
11.11.14Acacia harpophylla open forest on deformed and metamorphosed sediments and interbedded volcanicsEndangeredEndangered
11.11.15Eucalyptus crebra woodland to open woodland on deformed and metamorphosed sediments and interbedded volcanicsLeast concernNo concern at present
11.11.18Semi-evergreen vine thicket on old sedimentary rocks with varying degrees of metamorphism and foldingEndangeredEndangered
11.11.21Semi-evergreen vine thicket on serpentiniteOf concernEndangered
11.12.4Semi-evergreen vine thicket and microphyll vine forest on igneous rocksLeast concernNo concern at present
11.12.7Eucalyptus crebra woodland with patches of semi-evergreen vine thicket on igneous rocks (boulder-strewn hillsides)Least concernNo concern at present
11.12.16Mixed low woodland to shrubland on igneous rocks. Coastal hillsOf concernOf concern
11.12.21Acacia harpophylla open forest on igneous rocks. Colluvial lower slopesEndangeredEndangered
12.5.13Microphyll to notophyll vine forest +/- Araucaria cunninghamii on remnant Tertiary surfacesEndangeredEndangered
12.8.21Semi-evergreen vine thicket with Brachychiton rupestris on Cainozoic igneous rocks, usually in southern half of bioregionEndangeredEndangered

Access vegetation management regional ecosystem descriptions

The Queensland Herbarium REDD lookup tool searches for information on regional ecosystems for a range of planning and management applications. If you're looking for vegetation management information you can use the vegetation management regional ecosystems description database (VM REDD)

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18 May 2023