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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
3.12.33Granite boulders covered with blue-green algae and interspersed with vine thicketOf concernOf concern
3.12.34Igneous rock pavements associated with mountains and some offshore islandsOf concernOf concern
3.12.35Semi-deciduous mesophyll and/or notophyll vine forest on igneous slopes of the Torres Strait Sub-regionOf concernOf concern
3.12.36Evergreen to complex evergreen mesophyll to notophyll vine forest and thicket on mountain ranges of Torres Strait IslandsOf concernOf concern
3.12.37Eucalyptus platyphylla +/- Corymbia spp. woodland to open forest on coastal igneous headlands and footslopesOf concernOf concern
3.12.38Corymbia clarksoniana and/or C. nesophila and/or C. stockeri low woodland on acid volcanic hillsOf concernOf concern
3.12.39Eucalyptus crebra +/- Corymbia hylandii low woodland to low open forest on skeletal soils in gullies and on foothills of granite hillsOf concernOf concern
3.12.40Corymbia nesophila +/- Eucalyptus tetrodonta woodlands on igneous hills and risesLeast concernNo concern at present
3.12.41Eucalyptus tetrodonta woodland +/- heath species on granite hills and risesLeast concernNo concern at present
3.12.42Eucalyptus tetrodonta woodland on low to undulating granite hillsLeast concernNo concern at present
3.12.43Welchiodendron longivalve, Acacia brassi low woodland on igneous hillsOf concernOf concern
3.12.44Melaleuca citrolens low open woodland on low granite hills and rolling risesOf concernOf concern
3.12.45Melaleuca viridiflora low woodland to low open woodland on steep igneous hills and footlsopesLeast concernNo concern at present
3.12.46Melaleuca stenostachya shrubland on exposed igneous headlands and hillsOf concernOf concern
3.12.47Mixed heath species tall shrubland to wetter dwarf shrubland on igneous hillsLeast concernNo concern at present
3.12.48Heteropogon triticeus or Themeda triandra or Schizachyrium fragile tussock grassland on rocky igneous coastal headlands and islandsOf concernOf concern
6.12.1Scattered Acacia aneura around granite bouldersOf concernOf concern
7.12.1Simple-complex mesophyll to notophyll vine forest of moderately to poorly-drained granites and rhyolites of moderate fertility of the moist and wet lowlands, foothills and uplandsLeast concernNo concern at present
7.12.2Notophyll or mesophyll vine forest with Archontophoenix alexandrae or Licuala ramsayi, on granites and rhyolitesOf concernOf concern
7.12.4Syncarpia glomulifera +/- Eucalyptus pellita open forest of granites and rhyolites on deep soilsOf concernEndangered
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Last updated
16 April 2019
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