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Regrowth benefits

Colour ramp layer

The colour ramp layer indicates the potential in carbon and biodiversity benefits in Queensland as indicated by the adjacent image. The carbon and biodiversity layers can be viewed in isolation by setting the mix to 100% carbon or 100% biodiversity in the drop-down box below or they can be mixed depending on your level of interest.

Where to start

Please visit the user guidance page for detailed help and walk through examples.

  1. Search or navigate to an area of interest.
  2. Click Show tools (top/centre of map) to display the available map tools.
  3. Select sites to query data by clicking on the site selector and then on locations of interest.
  4. Review site specific data including indicative carbon storage rates for forest regrowth, biodiversity and management information.
  5. View layers for specific spatial data, including pre-clearing regional ecosystems.
  6. Explore potential across sites for carbon storage and biodiversity benefit using colour ramps.


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Carbon loading…

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Carbon estimates are indicative only. They are based on a simple forest growth model1 and assume ‘average climate’. Actual carbon abatement achieved will depend upon rainfall, management and many other factors.

1 Richards, G. and Brack, C. (2004) A continental biomass stock and stock change estimation approach for Australia. Australian Forestry 67, 284–288.

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Last updated
24 April 2024