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Species profile—Corchorus hygrophilus


Plantae (plants) → Equisetopsida (land plants) → SparrmanniaceaeCorchorus hygrophilus

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Plantae (plants)
Equisetopsida (land plants)
Scientific name
Corchorus hygrophilus A.Cunn. ex Benth.
WildNet taxon ID
Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) status
Conservation significant
Pest status
Corchorus hygrophilus is an ascending herb or subshrub growing to 50cm tall. The branchlets are hairless or sparsely hairy. The leaves are narrow to broadly ovate in shape, with serrated margins. They are 3-12cm long by 1-7cm wide and are hairless or have scattered hairs on both surfaces. The leaf stalks are 10-20mm long and are hairless, apart from a line of short, curly hairs on the upper surface.
The flowers are borne in clusters of 6-8 flowers on a stalk 3-5 mm long arising opposite from the junction of the leaf stalk and stem. Each flower has four egg-shaped petals, about 6-8mm long and 3-4mm wide, with the broadest end outwards. The fruit capsules are broadly ellipsoid or globular in shape and have slight wart-like projections on the outer surface. The fruits are 7-12mm long and 5-7mm in diameter. They contain numerous seeds that are discoid in shape, 2-3mm long and matt dark brown to black in colour. (Halford 1995; Stanley & Ross 2002)
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Corchorus hygrophilus is endemic to Australia. It is found sporadically in coastal and sub-coastal areas of eastern Queensland, from Townsville, south to Eidsvold. (Halford 1995; Herbrecs 2008)
Distributional limits
-19.1413247, 146.8427709
-23.153694, 150.4807495
Range derivation
Range derived from extent of the taxon's verified records
Corchorus hygrophilus occurs on vine forest margins or in sclerophyll forest adjacent to vine forest. It grows among boulders and on soils derived from granite or limestone. (Halford 1995; Herbrecs 2008)
Corchorus hygrophilus has been recorded to flower in January, February and May. Fruit has been observed in February, May, June and August. (Halford 1995)
Contributors: David Halford, Mellisa Mayhew 27/01/2009
Halford, D.A. (1995). Notes on Tiliaceae in Australia, 2. A revision of the simple-haired species of the genus Corchorus L. Austrobaileya, vol. 4(3): 313-5.
Herbrecs (2008). Corchorus hygrophilus, in BriMapper version 2.12. Queensland Herbarium. Accessed 26/09/2008.
Stanley, T.D. & Ross, E.M. (2002). Flora of south-eastern Queensland (volume 2). Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Brisbane.
Profile author
David Halford (27/01/2009)

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