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Species profile—Acacia lumholtzii


Plantae (plants) → Equisetopsida (land plants) → LeguminosaeAcacia lumholtzii

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Plantae (plants)
Equisetopsida (land plants)
Scientific name
Acacia lumholtzii Pedley
WildNet taxon ID
Alternate name(s)
Girrigun wattle
Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) status
Conservation significant
Pest status
Short Notes
Status annotated by author
Acacia lumholtzii is a shrub growing to 4m tall. The bark is cream coloured with numerous pustules. The branchlets are densely covered with dark brown, flat-lying hairs. The young tips of the branchlets are dark brown. Phyllodes (enlarged part of the leaf stalk taking the form of a leaf) are crowded at the end of the branchlets. The phyllodes are straight or slightly curved inwards, 10-11.5cm long and 3.3-4mm wide, with 7 longitundinal nerves. The midrib of the phyllodes is more prominent than the other nerves. The mature phyllodes have hairs confined to the nerves.
Heads globular, 4-5mm in diameter, occurring in small clusters arising from where the phyllodes joins the stem. Each head has 25-30 flowers borne on 4mm long stalks. The seed pods are linear, up to 13cm long and 3.5-4.5mm wide. They are brown in colour with paler, thickened margins and a covering of scattered flat-lying hairs. The seeds are arranged lengthways in the long narrow pods. The seeds are black, oblong-shaped and about 5mm long by 2mm wide.
This species is distinguished from other Acacia species by the remarkably long seed pods, the prominent nerves of the phyllodes and the brown hairs enveloping the developing phyllodes and flower heads. (Pedley 2006)
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Acacia lumholtzii is found only in a mountainous area south of Cardwell in north-eastern Queensland. (Pedley 2006; Herbrecs 2008)
Distributional limits
-18.4758333, 146.119183
-18.4800318, 146.129535
Range derivation
Range derived from extent of the taxon's verified records
Acacia lumholtzii occurs on granite, rock pavements and rocky cliffs, at about 860m altitude. (Pedley 2006)
Contributors: Ailsa Holland, Mellisa Mayhew 27/01/2009
Herbrecs (2008) Acacia lumholtzii, in BriMapper version 2.12. Queensland Herbarium. Accessed 23/09/2008.
Pedley, L. (2006). Notes on Acacia Mill. (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae), chiefly from Queensland, 5. Austrobaileya, vol. 7(2):351-352.
Profile author
Ailsa Holland (27/01/2009)

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