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Species profile—Huperzia tetrastichoides


Plantae (plants) → Equisetopsida (land plants) → LycopodiaceaeHuperzia tetrastichoides

Species details

Plantae (plants)
Equisetopsida (land plants)
Scientific name
Huperzia tetrastichoides A.R.Field & Bostock
WildNet taxon ID
Superseded by
Phlegmariurus tetrastichoides (03/04/2019)
Alternate name(s)
bootlace tassel fern
Queensland square tassel fern
Conservation significant
Pest status
Short Notes
dup-Field+ 1139-Holotype-Pteridophyta
Huperzia tetrastichoides is an epiphytic fern; it lives on another plant without deriving nutrients from it. The branches are tufted, pendulous, branching one to several times and typically reaching up to 40cm long. The sterile leaves (lacking spores) are overlapping and arranged in four more or less opposite rows, widely spreading. The sterile leaves are thin but firm, ovate to lance-shaped, 5-12mm long by 2-6mm wide and deep green in colour. Sterile leaves gradually transition to fertile leaves.
The sporophylls (leaves bearing spores) are closely pressed against the stem, arranged in four rows and have a four-sided branch. They are ovate in shape, 4-6mm long and c.3mm wide at the base. The spore cases occupy one-quarter to a half of the sporophylls length. (Chinnock 1998; TSSC 2008; Field & Bostock 2008).
Huperzia tetrastichoides mostly grows high in the canopy of trees in complex vine forest and rainforest, over granite, basalt and other metamorphics to an altitude of 1100m above sea level. It occurs in habitat along creeks and on slopes and has not been recorded from the coastal flats. This species grows lower and probably shadier than other species such as H. phlegmaria sensu latu, also growing on granite rocks and on boulders near waterfalls. (TSSC 2008; Field & Bostock 2008; A. Field pers. comm. 2010).
Little is known on the ecology of the species.
Little is known on the biology of Huperzia tetrastichoides.
Management documents
Conservation and management of protected plants in trade in Queensland 1995-1998. Department of Environment.
Contributors: Peter Bostock 30/09/2009; Ailsa Holland 11/10/2009; Danielle Hansen 16/10/2009; Wayne Martin 29/01/2010
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Field, A.R. & Bostock, P.D. (2008). Huperzia tetrastichoides A.R.Field & Bostock (Lycopodiaceae) a newly recognised species of tassel fern from the Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia. Austrobaileya 7(4), 711-715.
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Profile author
Danielle Hansen (29/01/2010)

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