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Species profile—Bulbophyllum weinthalii (blotched bulbophyllum)


Plantae (plants) → Equisetopsida (land plants) → OrchidaceaeBulbophyllum weinthalii (blotched bulbophyllum)

Species details

Plantae (plants)
Equisetopsida (land plants)
Scientific name
Bulbophyllum weinthalii R.S.Rogers
Common name
blotched bulbophyllum
WildNet taxon ID
Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) status
Conservation significant
Pest status
Bulbophyllum weinthalii is an epiphyte forming dense clumps on hoop pines. The Pseudobulbs are densely crowded, ovoid to conical, 10 to 20 mm long by 8 to 15 mm wide, wrinkled and narrowed to a short, slender apex, when young it is covered with white lanose bracts. The leaves are solitary, terminal, oblong-lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate, 15 to 30 mm long by 5 to 10 mm wide, slightly twisted at the base, thin-textured but tough, dark green on the upper surface with a shallowly sunken mid-vein, paler below, with a shallowly ridged midvein, apex acute to apiculate. The flowers are solitary, thick, fleshy, waxy, white cream or greenish with mauve, dark red or reddish-purple striae. The labellum is greenish to reddish purple. Dorsal sepal 8 to 11 mm long by 3 to 5mm wide with 5 veins prominent. The lateral sepals are 9 to 11 mm long by 9 to 11 mm wide at the base. The petals are 6 to 8 mm long by 2 to 3 mm wide. The capsules are broadly elliptic, about 12 to 15 mm long by about 8 mm wide, green, ridged.
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Bulbophyllum weinthalii occurs in Araucarian vineforest as an epiphyte on Araucaria cunninghamii (Jones, 2001 & 2006; Queensland Herbarium, 2012).
Bulbophyllum weinthalii flowers between March and June (Jones, 2001 & 2006). Pollination is by blowflies (Jones 2006).
Bulbophyllum weinthalii comprises two subspecies, B. weinthalii subsp. weinthalii from the Border Ranges and south to Dorrigo, NSW and B. weinthalii subsp. striatum from Dawes Range and Kroombit Tops, Queensland. Bulbophyllum weinthalii subsp. striatum differs from Bulbophyllum weinthalii subsp. weinthalii in its slightly larger flowers, broader perianth segments and many of the perianth markings being in the form of striae (versus dots or blotches) (Jones, 2001). Spilorchis weinthalii is a synonym.
Jones, D.L. (2001). A new subspecies of Bulbophyllum weinthalii R.S.Rogers (Orchidaceae). The Orchadian 13(7), 313.
Jones, D.L. (2006). A complete guide to native orchids of Australia. Reed New Holland, Sydney.
Queensland Herbarium (2012). Specimen label information. Queensland Herbarium. Accessed 19/01/2012.
Profile author
Ronald Booth (05/06/2012)

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