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Species profile—Taeniophyllum muelleri


Plantae (plants) → Equisetopsida (land plants) → OrchidaceaeTaeniophyllum muelleri

Species details

Plantae (plants)
Equisetopsida (land plants)
Scientific name
Taeniophyllum muelleri Lindl. ex Benth.
WildNet taxon ID
Alternate name(s)
minute orchid
ribbon-root orchid
Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) status
Conservation significant
Pest status
Taeniophyllum muelleri is an epiphytic orchid with photosynthetic roots up to 1 mm in diameter, and apparently leafless, that occurs as a single plant or more often several joined together in a chain. The inflorescence is 0.7 to 5 cm long, with 2 to 16 flowers. The rachis is shorter or longer than the peduncle and glabrous. The pedicel plus ovary is 1 to 1.5 mm long. The flowers are tubular, opening successively, 1 or 2 at a time. The ovary is smooth or tuberculate. The sepals and lateral petals are narrow-triangular, recurved towards the tips, united for varying distances, 1.5-2 mm long, white to pale green. The labellum is about as long as the sepals, entire or obscurely lobed with an incurved, filiform tip. The spur is globose to ovoid or obovoid. The column is less than 1 mm long. The wings are oblong, incurved in the front of the stigma (Weston, 1993).
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Taeniophyllum muelleri occurs in rainforest and sheltered areas of open forests along creeks, on the branches of trees or shrubs or on rocks, from near sea-level to 1000 m altitude.
Taeniophyllum muelleri flowers June-October (Weston, 1993).
Occurs in the following Queensland pastoral districts: Cook, Moreton, North Kennedy, Port Curtis, Wide Bay. Also occurs in NSW.
Queensland Herbarium (2012). Specimen label information. Queensland Herbarium. Accessed 28/06/2012.
Weston, P.H. in Harden, G.J. (Ed) (1993). Flora of New South Wales 4: 247.
Profile author
Lynise Wearne (28/06/2012)

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Data source

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This information is sourced from the WildNet database managed by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.

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Last updated
8 March 2022
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