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Community Sustainability Action grants projects recipients

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Project Recipient Amount allocated
A Home Away From HomeMrs Vicki Whybird$5,000.00
Advanced care for sick/injured wildlife, focusing on flying fox rehabilitationMiss Hannah van Alphen$3,328.00
Aviary and CageMrs Linda D'Arcy$4,230.00
Bribie Bird Rehabilitation and rescueMiss Peta Schrodter$1,897.00
Bulk Purchase of Marsupial Milk formula for wildlife carerMrs Kerry Schilling$5,000.00
Cages and equipment for caringMrs Beverley Clarke$3,027.00
Care Equipment for all Wildlife including KoalasMrs Katrina Gilligan$4,830.00
Care, rehabilitation and preparation for release of wildlifeMs Diana Kolb$4,500.00
Carer vaccinationsBat Rescue$2,975.00
Carers help with produce and incubatorFar North Queensland Wild Life Rescue Association Limited$3,892.00
Central Queensland Koala Rehabilitation CentreAustralian Animals Care and Education Inc.$10,000.00
Continuous improvement planMrs Terise Hungerford$4,673.00
Critical Life Saving Equipment for use by Wildlife CarersWildlife Rescue Queensland Incorporated$9,984.00
Critical SuppliesWildlife SEQ Incorporated$7,998.00
Developmental Stage HousingMs Jodie Sargeant$4,998.00
Enclosure and Rehabilitation InfrastructureMs Maggie Hughes$5,000.00
Enclosure expansionsMiss Wendy Taylor$4,385.00
Endangered Bats Care FacilityMs Kerry Turner$5,000.00
Endangered flying fox flight and release aviaryMs Jasmine Vink$5,000.00
Enhance the level of rescue & rehabilitationMs Christine Wilson$5,000.00
Enhanced wildlife rehabilitation through improved facilities and resourcesMs Lauren Charles$5,000.00
Equipment for Rescue/Rehabilitation of Flying FoxesBat Care Capricornia$10,000.00
Equipment to improve outcomes/capacity for sick, injured, orphaned microbatsMrs Linda Barrett$2,893.00
Equipment UpgradeQuoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre$9,790.00
Expansion and enrichment of macropod enclosureMs Jenna Rumney$5,000.00
Flight and Multipupose AviaryMiss Olive Needham$4,890.00
Flight aviariesMr Antony Born$4,276.00
Flight aviary for birds and glidersJacinta Bull$5,000.00
Flight Aviary, Vaccination and Rescue LightingMs Tracey Moffatt$3,894.00
Food & Rescue Support for Remote WildlifeMrs Kim Palmer$5,000.00
Food Preparation and Feed out area - Flying Fox aviaryMrs Amanda Griffith$5,000.00
Food, Food Storage & Feeding ConsumablesMrs Melanie Bryson$3,200.00
Fuel for rescue/rehabilitation activities and rescue/rehabilitation equipmentMs Annette Bird$4,500.00
GDWCA Rescue and Response EnhancementGladstone And District Wildlife Carers Association$8,046.00
Housing, equipment, feed and toolsPine Rivers Koala Care Association Incorporated$10,000.00
ICU/ incubator purchaseMs Carolynn Taylor$1,552.00
ICUMrs Katie Campbell$4,524.00
Ideal pinky raising conditionsMiss Ciel Harvey$5,000.00
Increase capacity for Swan Pond and rehabilitation shedMiss Jenni Abbott$5,000.00
Increase Capacity of Wildlife Care - ICU & FormulaMx Jody O'Regan$5,000.00
Increase in equipment resources and safetyWildlife Care Mackay Inc.$7,000.00
Increasing caring capacity for threatened speciesMiss Rosalinde Brinkman$1,500.00
Incubator availability to all carer zonesWildlife Volunteers Association Incorporated$10,000.00
Incubators for Orphaned Baby Birds and MarsupialsMiss Jayne Richardson$1,870.00
Intensive Care Units for WildlifeMs Suzanne Green$2,607.00
Intensive Care UnitsTablelands Wildlife Rescue Inc$9,578.00
Kangaroo EnclosureMrs Erin Gallo$1,180.00
Koala food tree Plantation fencingMs Angela Christodoulou$5,000.00
Koala Rehabilitation EnclosureMr Byron Cann$5,000.00
Koala RehabilitationMrs Samantha Longman$5,000.00
Koala Rescue & Care Equipment and Enclosure ExpansionPadaminka Nature Refuge Koala Rescue and Care$6,866.00
Koala, Echidna & Bandicoot Rescue & RehabMs Karen Scott$3,149.00
KRQ Improvements Phase 1 & 2Koala Rescue Queensland Inc$4,072.00
Large flight aviary for birds and fuel monies for RescuesMrs Tania and Greg St Clair$4,692.00
Lorikeet and Rosella Rehabilitation and Release AviaryMrs Rachael Robins$5,000.00
Macropod FacilitiesMs Amber Dahlberg$5,000.00
Macropod MadnessMs Sandra Moye$3,854.00
Macropod Milk and Fodder PurchaseMr Kevin Welch$4,500.00
Macropod Rehab & Release EnclosureMrs Delphine Legros-Delve$4,926.00
Macropod Staging EnclosureMs Samantha Tro$5,000.00
Maintenance & improvement of enclosure & formula for large macropodsMrs Tracey Stoddart$3,000.00
Major repair work on three large enclosures for wildlifeMs Helene Hebbel-Klose$5,000.00
Microbat Rescue, Care and Rehab for 2023 seasonMs Meng Tze Chia$3,149.00
Natural Disaster Assurance and Mobility SafeguardGaye Lovell$3,925.00
Netted aviaries & ICU capabilitiesMrs Jessie Ryan$4,787.00
New Aviary for WildlifeMr Patrick Dauwe$5,000.00
New Koala EnclosureDr Kristin Doust$5,000.00
Possum/Glider Rehab and Soft Release StructureMs Clelia Croxford$4,285.00
PreparedMrs Tammy Florager$4,961.00
Project OrphanMs Melinda Brennan$2,000.00
Provide assistance to wildlife carers /rescuers /transporters to rehabilitate wildlifePaws & Brooks Nature Sanctuary Inc$9,995.00
Quality Care in the Home EnvironmentMs Claire Mulcahy$4,653.00
Red hill Home - wildlife rehabilitation facilitiesMiss Marie Cyprien$2,998.00
Rehabilitation Aviaries ProjectMrs Tara Hunter$5,000.00
Release aviaryMs Susan Doel$4,056.00
Rescue and caring for endangered Spectacled flying foxesTolga Bat Rescue and Research$7,000.00
Rescue, Rehabilitate, ReleaseMs Rachel Aspinall$3,553.00
Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release of Flying Foxes in and around TownsvilleMs Amanda Jones$5,000.00
Round 7 Koala Grant - IndividualMrs Joanne Bain$764.00
S.O.S. (Save Our Species - spectacled flying foxes)Bats and Trees Society of Cairns (Batsoc)$9,858.00
Saving flying foxes..and Australia biodiversity in the meantimeDr Fiammetta Baccetti$2,980.00
Separate housing for birds and reptilesMiss Shontelle Heaps$5,000.00
Set up for birdsMrs Antoinette Barber$1,050.00
Somerset 2023 Carer Resources Affordability ProjectSomerset Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Incorporated$9,875.00
Spectacled Flying-fox SupportMs Clare Hawse$5,000.00
Supplies for triage and rehabilitation of koalaMs Patricia LeeHong$4,539.00
Support to carry out rescue and rehabilitation of all MacropodsMs Bree Williams$5,000.00
Supporting Our Wildlife CarersOrphan Native Animal Rear and Release Association Inc$8,545.00
TAPWR Pre-release Site RepairsThe Agile Project - Wildlife Rescue Inc$10,000.00
Upgrade and maintenance of care facilitiesMrs Susan Russell$1,476.00
Upgrade Old CagesMs Sharondell Grennan$1,175.00
Wet Tropics Wildlife RehabilitationMission Beach Wildcare Incorporated$10,000.00
Wild Bird Care and Preparation for ReleaseMrs Reyna Watson$3,933.00
Wildcare Rehab EquipmentWildcare Australia Inc.$10,000.00
Wildlife AssistanceMs Vivian Bull$3,650.00
Wildlife Care EquipmentMrs Janelle Gilmore$5,000.00
Wildlife Rehabilitation and ReleaseMr Michael Wilson$5,000.00
Wildlife Rehabilitation Equipment and VaccinationsMs Melanie Bienemann$5,000.00
Wildlife RehabilitationMiss Robyn Rollason$5,000.00
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation AssistanceMiss Tennille Bankes$5,000.00
Wildlife rescue and rehabilitationMs Joanne Brierley$3,217.00
Wildlife Rescue in the Gympie/Wide Bay regionAustralian Native Animals Rescue and Rehabilitation Association Inc$9,845.00
Wildlife suppliesMrs Sonia Alcorn$2,114.00
Wildlife Upgrade Facilities GrantMrs Michelle Bible$5,000.00
Wildlife Wide Bay Grant Assistance 2023Ms Angela Bell$4,850.00
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