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Most recent wave and temperature data

All SE Queensland wave sites

Name Significant wave height (m) Wave direction (°TN) Sea surface temp (°C) Last updated
Albatross Bay 0.3 136.4 29.4 10:30pm today
Brisbane 1.3 125.3 25.9 9:30pm today
Caloundra 1.2 74.5 24.9 10:30pm today
Emu Park 0.7 63.3 25.6 10:30pm today
Gladstone 0.6 60.5 31.8 10:30pm today
Mackay 0.9 110.2 27 9:30pm today
Mooloolaba 1.3 105.5 25.9 10:30pm today
North Moreton Bay 1.2 75.9 25.1 10:30pm today
Townsville 0.8 84.4 27.1 10:30pm today

The wave heights in the above table are the most recent ‘significant wave heights’. Select the monitoring site name to see a time series plot of this data.

Note: the significant wave height (Hsig) is defined as the average of the highest one third of the wave heights in a 30 minute wave record. However, the likely maximum wave height can be up to twice the significant wave height.

Hsig is the value used by the Bureau of Meteorology in its wave height forecasts.

Wave monitoring disclaimer

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You should always check with the Bureau of Meteorology for the latest weather and coastal waters forecasts for your area before putting to sea.

Data download

Download data for the last seven days.

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