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Live air data

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) in collaboration with industry partners operates an air quality monitoring network across the state.

Data from the monitoring network is presented online as ambient concentration, air quality categories and smoke and dust health action levels which are updated hourly.

What’s new

From 19 July 2024 to 23 August 2024 the Hydrogen sulfide monitoring unit at the Redbank weather station will be temporarily relocated to Abrahams Rd within the Swanbank industrial area to support quality assurance evaluation. Data captured during this period is relevant to Abrahams Rd in Swanbank.

Smoke and dust health action levels

There are currently no elevated health action levels.

Based on PM2.5 readings at air monitoring stations and smoke sensors at Saturday 13 August 2022 7pm.

For current bushfire and smoke warnings, visit the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website.

Saturday 13 August 2022 7pm

Air quality data is available from 1 January 2016. Individual stations have been monitoring for different time periods so data may not be available for all possible times.

Hydrogen sulfide

Map markers are indicative only. They do not reflect the exact location of the stations.

Select a value within the table to generate charts and to download air quality data.

South East Queenslandmap
StationHydrogen sulfide (30min) ppb1hr avg about
Bundamba, Currawong Streetmap0
Collingwood Park, Cathryn Courtmap0
Collingwood Park, Hanlon Courtmap0
Collingwood Park, Tambo Courtmap0
Dinmore, Hubert Streetmap0
Ebbw Vale, Grenadier Circlemap-
Redbank Plains, Perry Streetmap0
Redbank, Brigalow Lanemap0
Riverview, Carlyle Streetmap0
Riverview, Johnstone Placemap0

None of the data is validated (0% validated, 0/10 records)

The data used to compile this air quality information comes directly from the department's air monitoring network and has only undergone a preliminary quality check. Data is retrieved from the stations every hour and after quality checks, is available approximately 1 hour later.

All data on this site is shown in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

  • If there is no data measured for a parameter, or data could not be retrieved from the monitoring station at this hour, no data is shown in the cell.

About these Hydrogen sulfide parameters

Hydrogen sulfide (30min)

Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable, colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs. People usually can smell hydrogen sulfide at low concentrations in air ranging from 0.5 to 300 parts per billion (ppb). Hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally in crude petroleum, natural gas, volcanic gases, and hot springs. It can also result from bacterial breakdown of organic matter. Industrial sources of hydrogen sulfide include petroleum refineries, natural gas plants, petrochemical plants, coke oven plants, food processing plants, and tanneries.

The guideline for Hydrogen sulfide is 5ppb (30 min avg) for odour nuisance and 108ppb (24hr avg) for health and wellbeing.

Hydrogen sulfide (30min) is measured in parts per billion.

More information about Hydrogen sulfide (30min)

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