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South West Queensland

Map markers are indicative only. They do not reflect the exact location of the stations and sensors.

Between February 2015 to June 2023 a monitoring network was established within the Western Downs region to assess air quality in an area of intensive coal seam gas (CSG) production. Air monitoring stations were located at Hopeland, Miles Airport, Condamine, Burncluith and Tara region. These monitoring stations were situated on properties near CSG infrastructure such as gas processing facilities and active gas wells. Air monitoring stations that were located at Condamine and Burncluith ceased operation in February 2018. Up until February 2018, this monitoring network was managed by the CSIRO’s Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) as part of the Surat Basin Air Quality study. Environmental consultants operated the monitoring network on behalf of CSIRO/GISERA during the study period. The method and data validation for the network was overseen by CSIRO until the operation of the monitoring network was resumed by the gas industry. From July 2023, the gas industry decommissioned the monitoring network.

Active stations and sensors

Active monitoring stations:

Active smoke sensors:

Historical stations and sensors

Historical monitoring stations:

Air reports and plans

View our monthly bulletins and annual reports to check the data collected at our monitoring stations.

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