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Organised events in national parks, conservation parks, marine parks, State forests or recreation areas

You may need an organised event permit if you are planning to conduct a non-commercial organised activity in one of our national parks, conservation parks, marine parks, State forests or recreation areas.

If your activity is commercial in nature (a business or fund-raising activity, for example) you will require a commercial activity permit. Please see Business and industry portal: Permit requirements for national parks, recreation areas and forests.

When an organised event permit is required

An organised event permit is required where:

  • your group (including a wedding group) has more than 40 people and activities are to be conducted in day use areas or established walking tracks
  • your group has more than 15 people and activities are to be conducted in remote off-track areas
  • you would like ‘exclusive use’ of park areas or facilities
  • your activity may impact on the enjoyment of the place by the general public
  • there may be safety issues for other park visitors
  • the activity involves the use of motorised vehicles, vessels or the installation of temporary infrastructure
  • the activity is a non-commercial competitive event
  • the activity may impact on the cultural heritage or natural values of the area.

In these cases, or if you are unsure, please complete the following form to notify us. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) will advise you by email whether a permit is required for your activity or not. If a permit is required, an application form will be emailed to you.

When an organised event permit is not required

You may not need a permit or to provide notification for certain exempt activities. These may include: family, office, or small group BBQs; picnics; birthday parties; camping in listed sites; bushwalking; bird watching, or general outdoor activities. For further information concerning exempt activities, please refer to Section 10 of the Operational policy for organised events (non-commercial) on QPWS managed areas (PDF, 1MB) under the heading ‘Exempt organised event activities’.

For defence force training activities, please complete the Australian Defence Force activities in national parks form.

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For general enquiries, please email or phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

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