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Land zones within Gulf Plains bioregion

List all regional ecosystems within Gulf Plains or list by land zone:

Land zone Land zone name Image
Land zone 1Tidal flats and beachesDepiction of landzone 1: Tidal flats and beaches
Land zone 2Coastal dunesDepiction of landzone 2: Coastal dunes
Land zone 3Alluvium (river and creek flats)Depiction of landzone 3: Alluvium (river and creek flats)
Land zone 4Clay plains not associated with current alluviumDepiction of landzone 4: Clay plains not associated with current alluvium
Land zone 5Old loamy and sandy plainsDepiction of landzone 5: Old loamy and sandy plains
Land zone 7Ironstone jump-upsDepiction of landzone 7: Ironstone jump-ups
Land zone 8Basalt plains and hillsDepiction of landzone 8: Basalt plains and hills
Land zone 9Undulating country on fine grained sedimentary rocksDepiction of landzone 9: Undulating country on fine grained sedimentary rocks
Land zone 10Sandstone rangesDepiction of landzone 10: Sandstone ranges
Land zone 11Hills and lowlands on metamorphic rocksDepiction of landzone 11: Hills and lowlands on metamorphic rocks
Land zone 12Hills and lowlands on granitic rocksDepiction of landzone 12: Hills and lowlands on granitic rocks

Access vegetation management regional ecosystem descriptions

The Queensland Herbarium REDD lookup tool searches for information on regional ecosystems for a range of planning and management applications. If you're looking for vegetation management information you can use the vegetation management regional ecosystems description database (VM REDD)

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