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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
2.2.2Secondary dunes and swalesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.2.3Semi-deciduous microphyll vine thicket on coastal dunesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.5.3Evergreen scrub on plains on mainly deep sandy soilsLeast concernNo concern at present
2.5.21Semi-evergreen vine thicket on sandy, Tertiary remnants overlying lateritised Cretaceous mudstonesOf concernEndangered
2.10.2Mixed eucalypt woodland on plateaus, mesas and scarps on shallow soilsLeast concernNo concern at present
3.2.2Semi-deciduous vine thicket to vine forest on beach dunes and ridgesLeast concernNo concern at present
3.2.4Melaleuca spp. open forest in dune swales and swampy areasOf concernOf concern
3.2.6Casuarina equisetifolia woodland to open forest on foredunes on mainland and islandsOf concernOf concern
3.2.13Semi-deciduous notophyll vine forest on beach ridges on the east coastLeast concernNo concern at present
3.2.27Sedgelands fringing perennial lakes in coastal dunefieldsLeast concernNo concern at present
3.3.7Tall semi-deciduous notophyll and/or microphyll vine thicket on colluvial plainsOf concernOf concern
3.3.38Deciduous notophyll and/or microphyll vine thicket +/- Lagerstroemia archeriana on heavy clay alluviumLeast concernOf concern
3.3.40Terminalia sp. deciduous vine thicket in depressions in Lakefield areaOf concernOf concern
3.3.50Melaleuca spp. woodland on swamps on floodplains and non-floodplain landformsLeast concernNo concern at present
3.3.68Semi-deciduous notophyll vine forest and thicket on alluvial plainsOf concernOf concern
3.7.1Semi-deciduous notophyll and/or microphyll vine thicket on isolated lateritic hill slopesOf concernOf concern
3.7.6Melaleuca stenostachya +/- Acacia leptostachya woodland on lateritic erosional slopesLeast concernNo concern at present
3.8.2Semi-deciduous notophyll and/or microphyll vine forest on basaltOf concernOf concern
3.8.5Semi-deciduous and deciduous notophyll vine forest on the Basaltic Islands of the Torres StraitOf concernOf concern
3.10.1Seepage springs from sandstone or Tertiary plateaus and associated rainforests and vine thicketsOf concernOf concern
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Last updated
12 March 2021
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