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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
3.10.5Deciduous notophyll and/or microphyll vine thicket or forest on sandstone hills and slopesOf concernOf concern
3.11.2Semi-deciduous mesophyll vine forest on metamorphic ranges in the southOf concernOf concern
3.11.20Deciduous vine thicket on karst outcropsOf concernEndangered
3.11.21Deciduous vine thicket on metamorphic slopesOf concernOf concern
3.12.4Notophyll vine forest of Welchiodendron longivalve and Acacia polystachya on low hills and rises on volcanicsOf concernOf concern
3.12.10Eucalyptus cullenii +/- Corymbia clarksoniana woodland on acid volcanic rangesLeast concernNo concern at present
3.12.21Deciduous to semi-deciduous vine thicket to forest on granite slopesLeast concernNo concern at present
3.12.22Deciduous vine thicket +/- Wodyetia bifurcata on granite bouldersOf concernOf concern
3.12.33Granite boulders interspersed with vine thicketOf concernOf concern
3.12.36Evergreen to complex evergreen mesophyll to notophyll vine forest and thicket on mountain ranges of Torres Strait IslandsOf concernOf concern
3.12.39Eucalyptus crebra +/- Corymbia hylandii low woodland to low open forest on skeletal soils in gullies and on foothills of granite hillsOf concernOf concern
7.2.2Notophyll to microphyll vine forest on sands of beach originOf concernEndangered
7.2.6Mosaic of clumps of notophyll vine forest, sclerophyll spp. shrubland and open woodland, and bare sand blows on aeolian dunesOf concernOf concern
7.3.49Notophyll vine forest on rubble terraces of streamsOf concernOf concern
7.3.50Melaleuca fluviatilis +/- vine forest species open forest to closed forest on alluvium fringing streamsOf concernEndangered
7.11.29Microphyll to notophyll vine forests with Ceratopetalum virchowii and/or Uromyrtus metrosideros, Flindersia bourjotiana, F. pimenteliana and Beilschmiedia oligandra of moist uplands on sharply undulating metamorphicsOf concernOf concern
7.11.40Complex of sclerophyll communities dominated by Syncarpia glomulifera or Melaleuca spp., or sedges, ferns or microphyll vine forest with Trochocarpa bellendenkerensis on highlands, on quartzite or associated metamorphicsOf concernOf concern
7.12.19Simple microphyll vine-fern forest with Balanops australiana, Elaeocarpus spp. +/- Trochocarpa bellendenkerensis +/- Uromyrtus spp. +/- Agathis atropurpurea of cloudy wet highlands on granites and rhyolitesLeast concernNo concern at present
7.12.38Deciduous microphyll vine forest and/or blue-green algae-covered granite and rhyolite boulderfieldsOf concernEndangered
7.12.46Microphyll vine forest with Gossia bidwillii +/- Araucaria cunninghamii on steep granite talus and boulder slopes of the Palm IslandsOf concernOf concern
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Last updated
12 March 2021
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