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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
7.12.29Corymbia intermedia and/or Lophostemon suaveolens open forest to woodland +/- areas of Allocasuarina littoralis and A. torulosa on uplands on granite and rhyoliteLeast concernNo concern at present
7.12.30Corymbia citriodora +/- Eucalyptus portuensis woodland to open forest on granite and rhyoliteLeast concernNo concern at present
7.12.33Corymbia nesophila woodland to open forest on graniteOf concernOf concern
7.12.34Eucalyptus portuensis and/or E. drepanophylla, +/- C. intermedia +/- C. citriodora, +/- E. granitica open woodland to open forest on uplands on graniteLeast concernNo concern at present
7.12.35Eucalyptus portuensis, E. tereticornis, Corymbia intermedia woodland, on granites and rhyolites in the Kirrama-Oak Hills areaOf concernOf concern
7.12.37Rock pavements and seepage areas of wet lowlands, uplands and highlands of the eastern escarpment and central range (excluding Hinchinbrook Island and Bishop Peak) on granite and rhyolite, with Allocasuarina spp. shrublands and/or sedgelandsOf concernOf concern
7.12.38Deciduous microphyll vine forest and/or blue-green algae-covered granite and rhyolite boulderfieldsOf concernEndangered
7.12.39Complex mesophyll vine forest on fertile, well-drained granites and rhyolites of very wet and wet lowlands, foothills and uplandsOf concernOf concern
7.12.40Closed vineland of wind-disturbed vine forest on granites and rhyolitesOf concernOf concern
7.12.41Podocarpus grayae, Callitris endlicheri and Acacia celsa heathland/shrubland on steep rocky granite slopes of the Hinchinbrook Island uplands and highlandsOf concernOf concern
7.12.42Notophyll vine forest with Flindersia brayleyana and Argyrodendron polyandrum on granite uplands of Great Palm IslandOf concernEndangered
7.12.43Simple notophyll vine forest dominated by Stockwellia quadrifida on graniteOf concernOf concern
7.12.44Simple notophyll vine forest dominated by Blepharocarya involucrigera on graniteOf concernOf concern
7.12.45Simple notophyll vine forest dominated by Dryadodaphne trachyphloia on graniteOf concernOf concern
7.12.46Microphyll vine forest with Gossia bidwillii +/- Araucaria cunninghamii, on steep granite talus and boulder slopes of the Palm IslandsOf concernOf concern
7.12.47Notophyll-microphyll semi-evergreen vine forest with Argyrodendron polyandrum emergents, on rhyoliteOf concernEndangered
7.12.48Wind-sheared notophyll vine forest on exposed granite and rhyolite ridge crests and steep slopesOf concernOf concern
7.12.49Notophyll vine forest and thicket with Planchonella euphlebia and Podocarpus grayae on graniteOf concernOf concern
7.12.50Simple microphyll vine-fern forest of highlands on granite and rhyoliteOf concernOf concern
7.12.51Eucalyptus resinifera, Syncarpia glomulifera, E. portuensis, Corymbia abergiana, +/- C. leptoloma woodland, of rocky hills on granite and rhyolite in the Paluma-Seaview (south-west) subregionOf concernOf concern
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Last updated
16 April 2019
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