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Chart air quality data

    Air quality data is available from 1 January 2016. Individual stations have been monitoring for different time periods so data may not be available for all possible times.
    Lennon Drive station began monitoring air quality on 1 June 2018.

Zinc at Lennon Drive, Thursday 21 September 2023 about Zinc

Lennon Drive station overview

The guideline for Zinc is 120µg/m³ (24hr avg).

Data has been validated (100% validated, all 24 records)

Data has been validated (100% validated, all 48 records)

About Zinc

Zinc occurs widely in nature, and is another metal essential in trace quantities for good health. Exposure to elevated levels is more likely through occupational exposure in industry such as mining and smelting and processing of metal ores. Insufficient zinc intake has a detrimental effect on growth, and immune and reproductive system development. Adverse health effects generally only occur where the exposure is high.

The guideline for Zinc is 120µg/m³ (24hr avg).

Zinc is measured in micrograms per cubic metre.

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27 February 2023