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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
2.1.1Offshore tidal sands and mud flats, including sea grass bedsLeast concernNo concern at present
2.1.2Tidal low coastal rises of shells, sand or mud, and associated gutters, usually with mangrovesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.1.3Tidal channels and associated levees, usually with mangrovesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.1.4Infrequently inundated clay plains and low samphire risesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.1.5Tidal lagoons on coastal mud flatsOf concernOf concern
3.1.1Rhizophora stylosa and/or Bruguiera spp. closed forestLeast concernNo concern at present
3.1.2Avicennia marina low open forestLeast concernNo concern at present
3.1.3Ceriops tagal and/or C. australis +/- Avicennia marina low open forestLeast concernNo concern at present
3.1.4Excoecaria agallocha +/- Aegiceras corniculatum low open forestOf concernOf concern
3.1.5Sporobolus virginicus closed tussock grassland on coastal plainsLeast concernNo concern at present
3.1.6Sparse herbland or bare saltpans on salt plains and saline flatsLeast concernNo concern at present
3.1.7Schoenoplectus subulatus sedgelands in depressions on tidal flatsOf concernEndangered
7.1.1Mangrove closed scrub to open forest of areas subject to regular tidal inundationLeast concernNo concern at present
7.1.2Sporobolus virginicus grassland, samphire open forbland to sparse forbland and bare saltpans on plains adjacent to mangrovesOf concernOf concern
7.1.3Schoenoplectus subulatus and/or Eleocharis dulcis sparse sedgeland, or Melaleuca quinquenervia low open forest, in swamps which fluctuate periodically between freshwater and estuarineOf concernEndangered
7.1.4Mangrove and vine forest closed forest of the brackish zoneOf concernEndangered
7.1.5Melaleuca viridiflora or Melaleuca spp. +/- Acacia spp. +/- mangrove spp. woodland on plains adjacent to mangrovesOf concernOf concern
8.1.1Mangrove closed forest of marine clay plains and estuariesLeast concernNo concern at present
8.1.2Samphire open forbland on saltpans and plains adjacent to mangrovesLeast concernOf concern
8.1.3Sporobolus virginicus tussock grassland on marine sedimentsOf concernOf concern
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Last updated
14 December 2018
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