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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
2.10.1Eucalyptus microneura woodland on undulating plains on sandstones with sands and earthsLeast concernNo concern at present
2.10.2Mixed eucalypt woodland on plateaus, mesas and scarps on shallow soilsLeast concernNo concern at present
2.10.3Eucalyptus spp., Corymbia citriodora and E. acmenoides open forest on high plateaus on earths and sandsOf concernEndangered
2.10.4Eucalyptus microneura or E. provecta +/- Corymbia pocillum open woodland on sandstone rangesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.10.5Acacia shirleyi woodland and Triodia pungens hummock grassland on scarps and stony ledgesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.10.6Melaleuca spp. low open woodland on ledges on skeletal soilsOf concernOf concern
2.10.7Eucalypt woodland on Precambrian sandstonesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.10.8Springs associated with quartzose sandstone or lateritised sandstone gullies and gorgesOf concernEndangered
2.10.9Rock pavements and outcrops with patches of Acacia spp., Corymbia spp. and Eucalyptus spp. in dissected Mesozoic sandstone ranges.Of concernOf concern
2.10.10Eucalyptus crebra, Corymbia setosa, C. leichhardtii and E. whitei in mixed woodlands on stripped surfaces and low rises on Mesozoic sandstone plateaus.Least concernNo concern at present
2.10.11Triodia spp. grassland on slopes or crests of Mesozoic sandstone ranges.Of concernOf concern
2.10.12Acacia orthocarpa, A. stipuligera, Jacksonia ramosissima, Petalostigma banksii and Grevillea spp. in mixed shrublands on Mesozoic sandstone rangesOf concernOf concern
2.10.13Eucalyptus crebra or E. whitei low open woodland on slopes of sandstone rangesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.10.14Acacia leptostachya and/or Acacia julifera subsp. julifera +/- Corymbia spp. and/or Eucalyptus spp. low woodland on Mesozoic sandstone outcrops.Of concernOf concern

Access vegetation management regional ecosystem descriptions

The Queensland Herbarium REDD lookup tool searches for information on regional ecosystems for a range of planning and management applications. If you're looking for vegetation management information you can use the vegetation management regional ecosystems description database (VM REDD)

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18 May 2023