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Regional ecosystem descriptions

RE ID Description VMA class Biodiversity status
2.2.1Casuarina equisetifolia +/- Thespesia populneoides, Hibiscus tiliaceus woodland on beaches and foredunesOf concernOf concern
2.2.2Secondary dunes and swalesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.2.3Semi-deciduous microphyll vine thicket on coastal dunesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.2.4Chrysopogon elongatus, Eriachne spp., Perotis rara and Aristida holathera in mixed tussock grasslands on coastal dunesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.2.5Melaleuca dealbata woodland in swales associated with coastal dunesOf concernOf concern
2.2.6Mixed sedgelands or tussock grasslands in closed depressions in the swales of coastal dunesOf concernOf concern
2.2.7Corymbia bella +/- C. polycarpa, C. confertiflora, Grevillea striata, Pandanus sp. woodland on coastal dunesLeast concernNo concern at present
2.2.8Grevillea striata +/- Atalaya hemiglauca low woodland on deflated coastal dunesOf concernOf concern

Access vegetation management regional ecosystem descriptions

The Queensland Herbarium REDD lookup tool searches for information on regional ecosystems for a range of planning and management applications. If you're looking for vegetation management information you can use the vegetation management regional ecosystems description database (VM REDD)

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18 May 2023